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Computer System / Insurance / Rate / Quality Service

03.1 Computer System

All employees are linked with our cloud system and as such information is available anytime, anywhere. Required software is being maintained on a contractual basis with various software suppliers.

03.2 Insurance

McCann will be pleased to send you copies and or statements from our insurance companies about our maintained insurance policies, covering every aspect of the transport in full. Furthermore McCann is prepared to adapt entirely to your demands, and to the terms and agreements which you propose.

All transport carried out under CMR conditions.

03.3 Rate

Quoted rates door/door normally exclude Baf surcharges (Ferry bunker adjustment cost which fluctuate monthly) unless requested otherwise.

The quoted rates are valid for the term of an agreement without further changes.

03.4 Quality Service

McCann Quality Transport bv maintains following BSI certified quality standards:

             Iso 9001:2015

             Haccp certification

             Sqas Certification

             CO2 emissions certificate